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DevOps is a mindset and set of practices based on fostering the communication and collaboration between those more concerned with software development (Dev) and those concerned with operations (Ops). The practices that compose it extent to collaboration aspects and organizational and team design, but also to technical aspects that range from deployment automation, to monitoring and observability, and to software architecture, among others.

Despite its many benefits DevOps still presents many challenges when it comes to its ease of use and accessibility. One of the reasons is the tremendous proliferation of different tools, languages and syntaxes which makes the field quite difficult to learn and keep up to date.


We motivate researchers and practitioners to submit their work (possibly in progress) about this topic to be presented and discussed at the workshop. You can also submit open issues deserved to be discussed as well as position papers.

Submissions will be up to 4 pages and will be reviewed by the organizers and the program committee mostly to validate the adequacy of the submission to the workshop.

The list of interesting topics include (not limited to though):

Submit via eaychair.


The workshop proceedings will be an overlay on arXiv, namely, we will upload all articles to arXiv for long-term storage and online access.

All the authors present at the workshop will have the chance of contributing to a workshop summary, featuring the challenges presented and discussed during the workshop, that we will submit to the ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes.

Important dates

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Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.